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fanfic recommendations part II (EXO; HunHan, KrisHan, KaiLu centric)

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+ Assorted genres. Like in my previous post, let me just add this here. I quite favor dark genres. Angst, angst, angst, and more angst. But surprisingly, this list has a lot of... smut... instead... Um, yeah enjoy. Let me know if the links are wrong or broken.

+ Once upon a dream | KrisHan
Lu Han quite liked the fact that his friends thought of him as a social butterfly. Butterflies were pretty and carefree and that was just how he wanted to remain. read here

Fragile Eternity | HunHan
Once upon a time, there hadn’t always been springs or autumns. There used to only be shining summers and dead winters. read here

+ Step | Luhan-centric, various pairings
With each step, 15 years of your lives will deplete. read here
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+ Flightless Bird | KaiLu, HunHan
He saw him at the top of the stairs and Jongin felt his insides begin to melt. He’d seen Lu Han walk down the same set of steps since he was seven but he was still not used to emotions that had swirled in his chest ever since he turned fifteen-- when he realized that he was in love with his best friend. Lu Han's eyes were bright with excitement and his lips were spread wide into a smile that went straight to Jongin's heart as he stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting. read here

+ Game | KaiLu
Earl Kai is engaged to the Viscountess Yoona, but he seems to enjoy spending time with his personal servant, LuHan, more. What starts as a game become something else altogether as they both find how exactly love is meant to hurt. read here

+ Words not meant for yours eyes | KrisHan
Luhan doesn't write love letters, but Yifan reads. read here

+ Tokimeki | HunHan
Lu Han likes playing dating sim games and Sehun isn't about to lose to some virtual characters if he can help it. read here

+ Click to start new game | HunHan (sequel to Tokimeki)
Sehun is absolutely convinced that video games and relationships are not a good combination. Or maybe it's just that his friends are insane. read here

+ Private Dancer | HunHan
It's that time of year again: one of the biggest awards shows of the season is on the horizon. Sehun has been chosen to perform a special dance but when his partner gets sick and can't perform, her replacement is... Luhan? read here

+ Hymn upon your lips | KrisHan
Most of the things about Luhan both amuse and arouse him. It’s part of Luhan’s charm as a boy-faced sex enthusiast. read here

+ This won't end beautifully | KrisHan
We ended just as lovers. read here

+ Tell me your secret (I know you have one) | ChanLu
Chanyeol knows there's something off about the new kid- he's too pretty. Too pretty... to be a boy. read here

+ When the levee breaks | KrisHan
Kris thinks Luhan's a little quiet. read here

+ Give a little more | KrisHan
in which Kris loves knowing the bruises on Sehun's rich kid boyfriend were caused by him. read here

+ The best laid plans | KrisHan
Kris always has everything micromanaged. Everything is always exactly where it's supposed to be. His clothes are always neatly folded and stored by type and color immediately after the wash. His briefcase is never haphazardly organized- largest files to smallest notebooks with his pens tucked into the front pocket. His apartment is always meticulously cleaned every other Tuesday of the month.
Always. read here

+ Cyan Blue | HunHan
Sehun decided that he doesn't like cyan blue underwear. read here

+ There are thousands of paths that lead nowhere (you just have to find one that does) | HunHan
Luhan is a kid with a head of unruly hair, eyes too large for his face, and far too young to be a sophomore in university. read here

+ Paint me passion | KaiLu
An art class in which Luhan is the nude model and Kai can't keep his "artistic" fingers off of the blonde-haired beauty tempting him oh-so innocently. read here

+ Limited Liability | HunHan
Sehun, temporary secretary at New York City's top law firm, tries to help Lu Han, his new boss, relax a little. read here

+ A royal pain | KrisHan
Lu Han is the new stepson of the king, which sounds great, except for the fact that he has to deal with his new stepbrother, the crown prince Wu Fan. read here

+ Punch drunk love. | KrisHan
In which Luhan likes to force Kris into watching football matches with him and Kris deliberately annoys him by supporting the other team. read here

+ Falling | KrisHan
To Lu Han, the lights in the city have always been beautiful. Multi-colored signs advertising different types of food catch his eye as he and Kris speed down the streets of the downtown area. For a moment, he’s sad, but he quickly shakes the feeling away. read here

+ The Offside | KaiLu
There’s something to be said about someone who can get Lu Han, the school’s soccer star, to feel off his game. Kim Jongin just so happens to be this someone. read here

+ Prince Charming | KaiLu
Luhan has a fear of dentists and the rest of Exo accompany him to hold his hand. Kai also wears a plastic crown for solidarity's sake. read here

+ Camera ready | Kailu
In which Jongin is Luhan's biggest fan but Luhan remains unaware of his existence. read here

+ Hang with me | HunHan (warning: femslash)
Lu Han doesn't mind at all that Sehun's a virgin. read here

+ Come alive | HunHan (warning: fem)
Sehun has a lot of wild fantasies starring Lu Han, his girlfriend. read here

+ Tonight | HunHan/D.O.
if the directors of the wolf drama mv had decided on an m-rated selu plotline (aka selu are exhibitionists who fuck in front of everyone at $uHO's party) read here

(list shall be updated from time to time)
luhan; pink

Fanfiction recommendations

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+ Assorted genres; angst, smut, dark romance, comedy. It's all hinted on the summary. *( ) = my comments; And lol I color coded the pairings.

+ Non compos mentis | YunJae
The psych ward in Seoul Central Hospital has been appointed a knew superintendent who soon finds himself completely invested in its deplorable conditions. read here

+ Part-time lover | YunJae
(MEGA ANGST. MY MOST FAVORITE!!!!) Jung Yunho gets assigned a new room, his room mate a call boy in his high school. Yunho decides that he will do anything in his power to make this boy's life a hell. An orphaned Kim  Jaejoong who has no choice but to sell his body so that he can send his younger sibling to school finds out that his crush of six  years has  decided to make his life-if possible- an even worse hell! read here

+ The Dragon and the Sun | MinJae
(Words cannot express the beauty of this one. Please read it....) read here

+ Doll House | YunJae
JaeJoong's a walking, talking doll, and Yunho's a human puppet. read here
(This is a must read! Beautifully written, hurts in all the right places. I've read this 3 times already - or more - yet it still never fails to make me cry)

+ Forbidden flower | YunJae
"Maybe I’ll die in the morning, but the most beautiful creature under the heavens admires me." read here

+ Everything perfect comes in fives | HoMin
When yunho gets very sick and doesn't get better. read here

+ The consequences of a tongue-slip | YunJae, YooMin
"If they had told me it was going to be fifteen years, could it have been easier to endure?" read more

+ Business Proposal | YunJae
The sales at Yunho’s restaurant are slipping and he has a horrible feeling that it’s the fault of a new establishment that’s just opened across the street: a cozy, home-like establishment with an angel for an owner that he doesn’t have a crush on, no matter what Junsu says. read here

+ The trials of courtship | YunJae
Prince Yunho of the South went to the North to find a wife, but instead found himself falling off balconies in order to win Prince Jaejoong’s heart. read here

+ Just another HS fic | YunJae
(Loved the progression of this fic! This has all the elements to create a really good fanfic! Really, no kidding! Considering that this has 50+ chapters and how I finished it all in less than 2 days.... Entertaining, funny, makes-you-not-want-to-stop-reading-until-you-know-what's-going-on) read here

+ Baby love | YunJae
While looking for his missing sister, fashion model Yunho meets recluse Jaejoong. read here

+ Our path of gold | YunJae
Jaejoong’s a matchmaker who can find anyone a suitable partner, except for himself. Having countless failed relationships and a broken marriage, he finds himself again in a predicament. His newest client’s soon to be fiancée, is also his ex-husband. read here

+ Twice of fate and forever a promise | YunJae
Being a model and a singer brings an excessive amount of travelling, and idol Kim Jaejoong sees the airport as his second home. But every time he visits the airport he keeps running into the same man whom he can’t seem to figure out. All he knows is that the man wears the same sweater in each of their ‘accidental’ meetings. read here

+ Sweet Remembrance | YunJae
After seeing their 'son' married, Jaejoong couldn't resist going on a trip down the memory lane. With their 8th Wedding Anniversary coming, what more could be better than reminiscing the wonderful years that passed by? read here
+ Sold | YunJae, HoMin, MinJae (not yunjaemin! You'll see if you read it!)
Changmin woke up to find himself on stage. What’s more, he was butt-naked about to be sold off. A man decided to purchase him with a hefty sum and took him away to his private house. Changmin will make sure that this man gets more than he bargained for. But what happens when Changmin meets another auctioned-off man in the house? Will he carry on with his plan to make his captor pay? Or will he choose to rescue the poor man withering away in another room? read here

+ Beautiful, dirty, rich | MinJae
Jaejoong, a 19 year old college student in dire need of money, meets a successful architect named Changmin, who has too much. When both charatcters collide Changmin is instantly drawn to our protagonist Jaejoong and offers him something that could either make or break him. read here
(Most favorite MinJae fic. very well written)

+ Black | YunJae
(for angst lovers like me~) read here

+ Raison d'être | YunJae
(I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about this. I love this very much. No summary was provided but I can talk about the plot somehow: Jaejoong was still overly morose due to the suddenness of his father's passing. One morning, he meets Jung Yunho, handsome, young, charming, in his kitchen. Later, he finds out that the young man will soon be replacing his father's shoes. - yeah. my fail!summary gives this story no justice. Just read it! :D) read here

+ Paraphilia Series: Voyeur | YunJae
Jung Yunho, a walthy businessman, has an addiction he is desperate to sate. (hot hot hot hot hot; join her community to read ^^) read here

+ Bonnie and Clyde | YunJae
They'd been robbing banks for years but maybe it's time for a change. Sex in a motel essentially. read here

+ The meaning of happiness | YunJae
Jaejoong is a poor boy seeking stardom. Meeting Yunho, he finds a friend in him. As they grow more close, Yunho realizes just how much he really likes Jaejoong. Unable to confess to his singing angel, his hearts screams in pain whenever he is near the other. He is forced to live beside the man he loves as they join the new boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki. When under certain pressures, will Yunho be able to keep his cool or will he be taken by temptation to finally have his Joongie. (one of the rare non-AU fics I enjoyed ^^) read here

+ Staying after school | YunJae
Jaejoong fails his wood-shops final assignment of adding motors to a project and has to stay after school to complete it. But the teacher was the reason he failed, so spending alone time with him might just make the project later then it already is. read here

+ Nerds fuck harder | YunJae
"D- Dr. Jung," the boy gasped, his hands tightening on Yunho's lab coat. When Yunho started taking his hands away Jaejoong shook his head furiously while tucking in his chin in an attempt to hide his blush. "Don't stop," he begs with wide black eyes. read here

+ Nothing is ever never impossible | YunJae
Jung Yunho was your all time geek and nerd, complete with thick black-rimmed glasses and a ton of books. Kim Jaejoong was gorgeous, popular, and absolutely fantastic, and Jung Yunho couldn’t be any more in love. read here

+ Falling hard for you | Yunjae
He didn’t mind his roommate’s friends, but out of all of them, it was Kim Jaejoong he hated the most, all because unlike the rest of them, Jaejoong was actually fuckable. read here

+ Broken Lullaby | YunJae
(love thissss!) Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive. read here

+ Insomnia | YunJae
Yunho was a man of principle, a man whose pride stands above everything else, a man who doesn't need anything but his ego to live, a man who is capable of living without romance or any pleasurable fantasy, and he never doubted this theory. Never once in his life, not once, not ever.
But that night, the night alcohol decided to let him remember, the night he witnessed beauty moaning before his eyes and pleasure diluting hatred, the night he sinned more than ever before, the one night passion over took his self control, the night he wished to forget had brutally, unapologetically shattered everything. And then, it overthrew him, it overcame him, although it came in the most unique form,
His definition of doubt. read here

+ Perfect everything | HoMin
Shim Changmin goes to class, not to learn about how cell walls rupture upon being frozen, but to watch Jung Yunho as he diligently takes down notes. He watches and he learns. He learns Jung Yunho until he knows Jung Yunho better than Yunho himself knows Jung Yunho, and then he moves on to everybody else that Jung Yunho knows. Kim Jaejoong. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. read here

+ Craving sin | YunJae
Vampire Yunho, old England, innocent poor Jae and hot hot Vampire smut...need I say more? read here

+ Every time a bell rings | YunJae
Kim Jaejoong was an angel that kept getting himself into trouble. When he finally manages to make his biggest mistake to date, he finds himself exiled back to earth.
Jung Yunho was a very rich yet uncaring businessman who believed that money could buy everything, from love to people.
A challenge is made between the two of them when Jaejoong learns that in order to go back to Heaven, he must preform a miracle on earth and make Jung Yunho give his heart out unconditionally. But what would happen when Jaejoong falls in love with his the target of his mission.... read here

+ Super gay and screaming | YunJae
Jaejoong is happy with his girlfriend, Jihye. Really, he is. It's not his fault that Jihye's older brother, Yunho, likes to grope him, is it? And it's definitely not his fault that he kind of enjoys it. Well… okay, maybe that's a little bit his fault. But Yunho's hot, so are you really going to hold it against him? No, didn't think so. read here

+ Locked | YunJae
Jaejoong was found guilty for the murder of Park Sun Don. read here

+ Love-bites | YunJae
Oneshot high school story. Jaejoong is in a secret relationship, not quite forbidden but not quite accepted either. It all starts with one little love-bite... read here

+ Better than fiction | YunJae
The only thing Yunho had to do that day was buy his sister a manga, but that simple task had turned into an awkward first meeting with the store's handsome cashier, a discussion about how good of a seme he’d make, and the discovery that his sister had been shipping him with other men. read here

+ No title | YunJae
(the prompt is "yunjae: slutty" so...) read here

I'll stop here for now. I'll probably update this occasionally when I find old fics - as in really, really old fics - that I was not able to mem yet.... Really, though, give some of these fics a chance. I consider myself really picky when it comes to reading fics haha ^^

In case these don't interest you, here are my favorite authors & check out their other works which I did not rec on this post:

nana_manata, yuki_3, little_passions, yunho, queenlucifer, thetaintedblade, jaejoong, sekushiai, tftcproductions, sweetballads, abcdefghiluvyou, schreient_0 and paprika(yozora_yume)